Grace Wedding – 03/18/17

Long time no see my B&L fam! I know it has been quite some time since I have done a blog post (courtesy of the last remaining classes for my bachelor’s degree), however, I figured today was as good of a day as any to jump back into it! And what better way than to bring you some more highlights of the Grace Wedding I coordinated (and decorated) back in March; especially now that I have got a hold of some more photos! EEK!

Jeff and Becca Grace were married on March 18th, 2017 at the gorgeously rustic Webster Farm wedding venue in Gilbert, Arizona (a venue I sadly have to report has stopped holding events till further notice). Between the tearful “I Do’s,” and energetic reception, the Grace wedding was both beautiful and festive in equal measure. I was honored and humbled to have been able to help both decorate and coordinate their big day. Without further ado, here are some highlights of the evening’s festivities!

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The included photos were used with permission from the bride and groom and were taken by the amazing Genevieve Hansen Photography 

Also a big THANK-YOU to the Lenor @ Webster Farm as well as the rest of the vendors who helped to make the Grace wedding a success! Couldn’t have done it without ya’ll!

Le’ Fox Catering, Vintage Photo Booth Rentals, Hey! Bartender, The Pros Wedding DJ

I hope you enjoyed the photos as much as everyone here at Burlap & Lace enjoyed being a part of the Jeff and Becca’s special day. Until next time!

– Your friendly neighborhood B&L event coordinator

Counting down the days…


Until Becca and Jeff’s big day. We’re under the 60 day mark!!! Eek! There is still quite a bit to do, but I am confident that we will get it all settled before the big day comes. In other Burlap & Lace news…


We finally got our business cards in and they came out perfect! – Yay!! – Very excited about those. Back to the post!

If you follow me on Facebook – and if you don’t, no worries we can wait………………have you done it yet? –  you already know that I have been keeping myself quite busy visiting venue open houses and making new vendor contacts so that I am able to provide a plethora of options for my future client couples. That hasn’t been the only thing I have been up to, however. I have been feverishly preparing for Burlap & Lace’s first ever expo debut!


I am incredibly honored to have been invited to have a booth at the 2nd annual Tukee Sisters in Business Fashion Show Expo at the Four Points By Sheraton Phoenix South Mountain in Phoenix this February 4th. Not only is it a great opportunity to showcase what we do over here at Burlap & Lace, but it is also a chance to showcase several of my available rental items, so if you have been eyeing anything online and want a chance to come check some of them out in person, I urge you to do so (and snag yourself a red velvet cupcake while you’re at it)! Check out the flyer below and I hope to see some of you (or all of you, that would be ok too) there!


That’s all I have for this week, however I’ll leave you with a little sneak peek of one of the latest DIY projects, soon-to-be blog post, (Hint: It will be one of the items at the expo) that I finished up this last weekend. Leave any guesses or comments below!

Till next time!




Arizona Bridal Show – 2017


It is that special time of year in the wedding industry where local area wedding vendors come together with all of their goodies and service options to create one of the highest attended Bridal Expos in Arizona: The Arizona Bridal Show! And I was lucky enough to attend this year’s festivities not only as the Wedding Coordinator, but as a good friend of my March wedding bride-to-be, Rebecca, and our friend (and Becca’s MOH) Jessica.

Bridal Expo’s are a great way to discover your local area vendors who provide services from DJ-ing and wedding dresses to photography options and caterers without having to scour the web or magazines to try to figure out what is available near you or having to drive to multiple places! It’s perfect for the newly engaged bride who is just beginning to plan or for the bride with some vendors already in place, but they are still looking to fill some last-minute gaps. No matter where you are in the planning process, expos, like the one I attended today, are tons of fun (and rather filling as you get to taste test many of the food and beverage vendors – can you say free cake?).

And just in case you weren’t convinced by free cake, most vendors showcasing at the expo usually have steep discounts on their services just for their Bridal Show exhibit visitors, so definitely don’t miss out on those!

Check out some of the booths at this years expo and tell us about your Bridal Show experiences and how they helped you, or a friend or family member, plan for the big day!


5 Alternative Takes on Wedding Traditions


As promised, here is 5 alternative takes on some of the traditional wedding options.

Weddings are usually centered on the traditions. Those “traditions,” are usually the dedicated paths that your mother and grandmother insist that you follow because they are “time-honored”! Though traditions can be something you long to share with your family, they usually entail sending out extravagant invites with at least seven different inserts, buying a ten-tier cake with a million flowers cascading down the side, using your family church and local hotel banquet room for your ceremony and reception venues, providing a four-course meal with tuxedo clad servers, and of course, wearing the family wedding dress (you know the one; it still has the shoulder pad inserts from when your mother got married in the 80’s and the accompanying hat that makes you feel like you’re auditioning to be the next Pope?)…and all of that can get pretty overwhelming.

Don’t get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing wrong with tradition! I wore a diamond headband that was worn by every women in my husband’s family since the early 1920’s on my wedding day, and not just because it was beautiful, but also because it represented the everlasting love their families had shared thus far (not a single member of their family who has worn it has divorced!! Challenge accepted). But the thing is, when you use only tradition, you tend to feel like you’re having the same wedding as everyone else. These 5 alternatives to some wedding traditions will enable you to somewhat keep with tradition while simultaneously empowering you and your S.O. to tailor your wedding to your own personal style and taste!

We’ll start where all weddings begin (after the proposal has happened and the obligatory Facebook update has commenced): The Invites (or Save-the-Date card if you haven’t chosen your venue). And as much as we all love those multi-layered, lace cutout, gorgeous invites with the accompanied little RSVP cards and a card for your registry, and that little piece of tissue paper between each item and so on, and so on, these invites can go from cards to novels real fast (and cost about as much as a first edition hardcover and even more to actually mail it).  So instead of sending out the typical paper invites, something the guest likely toss as soon as you and your S.O. say “I Do,” why not try something a bit different – like a viewmaster or personalized record (bonus if you put your first dance song on it!), or a slice of a log engraved with your Save-the-Date! These items may cost a bit more, but they can play double duty as a keepsake favor that your guests get in advance (and one less set of items for you to keep track of the day of the wedding).

If you’re looking to save on the budget (and save some trees while we’re at it), opt for online invites. Wedding websites like The Knot, Minted, Punchbowl and Wedding Wire can not only help you build your own personalized site, they can also manage your guest lists, invites, and RSVP’s so that you can electronically track every guest. Though this may seem a bit impersonal for some folks, there is evidence showing that this method is becoming increasingly more accepted, so if saving the environment (or your own time and sanity) is your thing, this may be a great alternative to the traditional paper invites!

Now that the invites have all been sent out, the next (and probably one of my favorite) parts of the traditional wedding planning process is finding the dress. Now for most women, the big, white ball gown adorned with Swarovski crystals is the way to go – and I would be lying if I said that I didn’t go the traditional route with my simple, white dress – however some brides may find that this is not original, or just simply not their style. If that’s the case for you, why not opt for a colored dress like the far right picture of the “Arizona Sunset,” themed dress above? It’s a subtle way to add gorgeous styling to the traditional wedding dress! Or if having a colored wedding dress strays too far from tradition, maybe try a wedding dress that can transform into a reception/cocktail dress so you can dance the night away without all the added weight!

Even changing up your footwear can go a long way to adding individuality and personal style to this wedding tradition – try cowboy boots if you’re a fan of the rustic styling, or maybe some personalized converse that can do double duty if they’re colored to match the dress (bonus if your dress is also colored like the top, left picture above!) – all of which can help to cater your dress to your own personal style and taste.

So since you’ve sent out your Save-the-date cards and have found the dress, the next big decision is where you’re actually going to be having this whole shindig: The Venue. And for most people, this usually entails a hotel banquet room, the beach, or “the name of any other typical venue put here,” however, if you want to break from tradition (and cater the venue to your own personal style), this is the perfect chance to do so! Holding your wedding at a grandiose library for the bookworm in you, atop a lush hillside that once snowed over is actually a ski slope, at a cabin site tucked sweetly into the woods, or even in a greenhouse, are great alternative options to the typical venue ideas (and they may even save you a buck a two)!

Now that you have the venue, the next order of business is a big one (and the part the guests likely care about the most): The Catering. Food is often a crucial part of a wedding, and because of this, it can be a bit daunting branching out from the traditional in fear of guest retaliation (and their likely rioting because “hangry,” is a thing), but this does not mean that you can’t find alternatives to the typical penguin-inspired servers and traditional fair! Why not have a potluck sort of dinner if you’re having a smaller wedding? Or having a local food truck vendor pull right up to the venue and let people order what they like? These are great options that can be tailored to your wedding style without necessarily breaking the bank. Another option is you can use you local culinary school or trade school (Arizona has the East Valley Institute of Technology who does a wonderful job of providing 5-star restaurant food with a much smaller price tag), which is a great way to save some money, but also give back to your community (something even your mother and grandmother could appreciate).

Last, but not least, is one of the sweetest parts of the reception (besides the first dance, of course): The Cake. Though there is absolutely nothing wrong with having a beautiful cake with all of the fixings and cascading flowers, but sometimes you just want something that is a bit more you, so why not try out having different flavored pies or a candy bar so your guests can have a little extra fun picking their own sweet treat? If those don’t quite tickle your fancy, you can give this option a try – My lovely clients, Rebecca and Jeff, are going a bit of a different route than the traditional wedding cake, and opting for donuts, which I think is really fun and definitely fits their personalities (not to mention saves them quite a bit of money). – A standing peg board gives these little doughy rings center stage at the dessert table and can become a statement piece of your wedding decoration and a great way to add a bit of variety to the options you and your guests get to pick from!

Bonus: Sometimes those wedding favors can be a bit tricky to figure out and put together for your guests (or the traditional ones can feel a bit dated, and kind of boring) so why not try out a Candle Station where your guests can pick from various scented wax sprinkles to build their own candles? This is something they can enjoy time and time again (and keeps them thinking of you and your special day).


Well, that does it for my 5 Wedding Tradition Alternatives as well as my blog posts for the rest of 2016, however keep an eye out for more posts in the coming New Year, and I am looking forward to sharing more ideas, DIY’s and knowledge with you all!

Happy New Years, everyone!


Short & Sweet


I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving with their family and friends. As I was spending time with my own family, celebrating my birthday (and doing homework since my school doesn’t take a break until Christmas), I realized I didn’t get a chance to catch up with y’all for this last Sunday’s regular post – That said, this post will be short and sweet as I’m sure everyone is still trying to recover from their food comas and hectic schedules, and settling back into normalcy until the next holiday; so keep an eye out for this Sunday’s post (my first one in December – yay!) where I will be covering 5 Fun Alternative Takes on Wedding Traditions!

On a random side note, only 109 more days until my dear friends, and clients, Rebecca and Jeff officially tie the knot! I am definitely looking forward to their beautiful rustic-farm styled wedding and being able to be a part of it not just as their friend, but as their wedding coordinator!

Till Sunday my lovelies,

Your now (1) year older friendly neighborhood wedding coordinator

It’s the Time of the Season (For Avoiding Seasonal Pitfalls)

We are quickly approaching the end of 2016, and for brides, this could mean a late year winter wedding, or waiting for what next year’s seasons have to bring. But which season is the best for weddings? Well, I believe that The Zombies had it right when they sang “It’s the time of the season for loving,” because when it comes to weddings, every season is the season for loving, and whether you yearn for a winter wonderland or spring showers, summer breezes or fall leaves, every season has something to offer; though sometimes these “offerings” come in the form of unexpected obstacles that could wreak havoc on what would be a perfect wedding day. Well fear not, as today’s post will be chock-full of tips and tricks for all four seasons of the year to help ensure your big day is as lovely as you always envisioned it would be! And since we are T-minus four days away from Thanksgiving, I figured we would start with winter!

As is the case with most states in the U.S., winter is a time when the temperature drops (and contrary to popular belief, even the desert gets cold), so this may not be the time of year to hold an all outdoor wedding. But if you choose to do so, or even if your wedding is indoors, don’t forget to provide ways to keep your guests nice and toasty! A self-serve hot chocolate bar, space heaters, or even something as simple as a basket of blankets (with an equally cute and catchy sign) are some great ways to keep your guests warm and comfortable rather than singing “Baby, it’s cold outside!” Another thing to take into consideration? The holiday season. Especially if you’re wanting to get married on an actual holiday, because pricing for venues and your vendors may increase because of the pay changes that come with making employees work over holidays they would usually have off. If you do decide to pick a holiday, notify your guests (and your vendors) as soon as possible, as they will likely have to plan accordingly (and always prepare yourself for the chance that some guest won’t make it because they want to spend that holiday with their family).

The thawing of winter births the spring wedding season, and with it; a fresh new slew of pitfalls to avoid. Stevie Wonder didn’t sing about April rain for nothing, so your outdoor wedding’s best friend is a tent rental company with a rain policy. They can provide back-up coverage for a wedding that could potentially get rained out, and though this feature usually costs a bit extra, the peace of mind you can get from knowing you won’t have to close up shop because of a little rain, is priceless! And you know what they say next, right? Where there’s rain, there’s mud? Have an emergency kit with plastic bags, rubber bands, and a tide bleach pen handy to ensure your white dress actually stays white. Want something cuter than tying plastic bags around your feet? Try getting cute galoshes or rain boots! Not only will they protect you and your dress from getting all muddy, but they also make for a great photo-op! Besides the mud and rain, there is also bugs to contend with, especially if your venue is near a lake, so maybe having some bug spray handy or citronella candles burning in place of your typical non-scented candles, could be the difference between happy guests and itchy, unhappy guests — Spring is usually a busy season for the wedding industry, so book your venue earlier rather than later, to ensure you will get the day you want.

The rain dries out as we move into the summer wedding season, and opposite of your typical winter wedding, you have the scorching heat to deal with (as do your guests), so if you plan on holding an outdoor ceremony or reception, here is some tips that can ensure your guest and YOU don’t melt away during this very special day. Try making, or even purchasing, personalized hand-held program fans, cool packs, or handkerchiefs for your guests to keep themselves cool while you and your hubby say your “I dos.” Umbrellas are a nice touch as well to help provide some much-needed shade for your guests (and a super cute photo-op for the wedding album!). Also consider a wedding up-do for you, as your exposed neck will keep you cooler in the heat of the moment (this is especially important if you happen to get nervous…you DO NOT want to pass out from heat exhaustion at your own wedding. Trust me on this). Shade will be your best friend on a hot summer day, so if you can find a way to ensure any outdoor activities are shaded, even better. Another way to keep guests as happy as a ray of sunshine they are standing in? Provide water bottles or self-service water tables to your guests so they don’t have to wait for the bar to open to keep themselves hydrated — Summer is a slower season for weddings, especially in hotter states like Arizona, so if you’re a budget-concerned bride, maybe consider a summer wedding to save some money on the venue, as they charge cheaper rates during these slow seasons.

Fall is the season that finally grants us relief from the heat, but it too, has its own drawbacks. It can have beautifully warm afternoons that turn into frigid evenings, so keep an eye on the weather and try to keep your attendees in the loop on what to expect so they, and you, can plan accordingly. If your venue permits, set up a fire pit and have a s’mores station to keep your guests nice and warm – or provide that trusty basket of blankets! Though those falling leaves make for amazing photos, they can also make for seasonal allergies. Make sure if you are especially sensitive to outdoor allergens to bring along medications that bring you relief as well as emergency tissues (because the only thing your hubby should be wiping off your face during your wedding is tears). Just like the winter season, you also have to take into consideration the extensive holiday events that are compassed in the fall calendar season. Though travel deals may make it cheaper for your guests to make it to your wedding, important religious or other holidays may conflict, so do your research, and provide as much heads-up as possible to your guests so they can plan ahead — Fall season is the busiest wedding season, so plan ahead on everything from booking dress purchase and alteration appointments, to venues and vendors, as soon as possible because they will fill up fast!

One tip that fits all of these seasons? Floral — try to use flowers that are in season to avoid overpaying for flower arrangements or not having enough stock; this way, you can have beautiful wedding flowers that not only match the season, but also are more cost efficient in the process.

What kind of tips do you have or plan to use on your wedding day? I would love to hear from you!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!





We Meet in the Middle

Happy Sunday everyone! This weekend was another one of those clean-out-the-house kind of weekends at the Oswald residence since we have family coming into town about a week from now (let the countdown begin!), so I have been hard at work getting the guest room all set up and ready to go. After a while, I needed to get out of the house (cleaning will do that to you), so I made my usual weekly trip to Goodwill to see if I would strike thrift-store gold and uncover more rental items to add to my inventory and luckily for me, I happened upon a couple gorgeous glass jars that I just had to take home. With my treasures in hand, I headed home to show the hubby, and what would I discover when I arrived home? A beautiful bouquet of flowers that my hubby picked for me from the garden next door – I know, I’m one lucky girl. OH do I love that man so –   I thought it must have been destiny, because one of the jars I just picked up absolutely screamed “please put beautiful flowers in me!” and I was more than happy to oblige. The look was beyond words – and then it hit me right there –  how great would this be as a centerpiece?! So I got to playing around and arrived here with a few pictures of centerpiece ideas for you all to admire! Centerpieces bring together a room that would otherwise look like a fancy cafeteria with its plain ocean of tables and chairs, but what separates a wedding reception from looking like a lunchroom is centerpieces of all shapes, sizes, and colors; a perfect example of the couple’s personality laid simply across the tabletop. There is an infinite amount of ways you can put together centerpieces, but below is a few that were inspired by my newly acquired flowers:

These are just a few examples of the kind of centerpieces you can accomplish with my available rental items, but you are always welcome to stop by and check out the inventory for yourself! – You may just find that one piece you were missing that will make your centerpieces everything you had ever hoped for.

Till next time!

Your friendly neighborhood wedding coordinator

Everybody’s Working for the Weekend

I’ve been at it again working on getting some more of my rental projects fixed up and ready for my first client’s wedding in March (more DIY’s to follow, I promise), but this week, in particular, is one of my favorites because I have family coming into town soon and what is usually my craft room is now going to have to transform into a guest bedroom fit for a (reasonably priced) king — which means I had to clean it out. And if you know how I craft, then you’ll know that this was no easy feat!

I can see the expression on all of your faces “this crazy lady’s idea of a good time is cleaning?!” Well I know for most people, cleaning out a craft room that looks like a tornado and hurricane blew through at the same time isn’t exactly their idea of a fun weekend, however, I love getting down in the trenches and doing a really good cleaning because more often than not, you end up finding something you thought you lost – in my case, I found a bunch of wedding items long forgotten in bins and boxes, and it was like Christmas came early (not that we haven’t been seeing Christmas stuff since the beginning of October, am I right?)!

Finding all of these hidden treasures really ignited my designer passion, and I finally got the time and the desire to put together some displays of my rental items! Minus the shelving unit itself, and the blinds (because you know, I need those), the items you see in the pictures below are all available for rent! And there is PLENTY more where that came from, so if something in these pictures catches your eye, or you’re interested in having an early Christmas epiphany of your own, come check out the rest of my items!


Let Them Eat CAKE!: A Cake Stand DIY

I don’t know about all of you, but I absolutely love cake stands. Beyond the simple fact that they are your favorite dessert’s sturdy sidekick, holding them up as if to say “Hey you! Look at me in all of my delicious and cavity invoking glory,”they can be utilized to hold multiple items while simultaneously saving counter space. But my second favorite use besides holding up yummy treats? You guessed it, as wedding decoration! A simple birdcage placed on top of one of these with some baby’s breath placed around the bottom of the cage can make for a beautiful centerpiece or dessert table decoration that is as gorgeous as it is simple and elegant.

My admiration for this nifty decoration is obvious, so the next logical step in creating more rental inventory for Burlap and Lace was getting my hands on some cake stands, and with that my Cake Stand DIY was born! This is a project that almost anyone can do, so I urge all of you regular DIYers and the not so handy to grab a hot glue gun, some spray paint, and some awesome thrift store finds, and try your hand at this easy DIY!

Some items you will need to make your very own cake stand includes:

A Decorative Plate or Platter: This plate can be made of any material from glass or plastic to tin or metal, whatever tickles your fancy really! I used tin platters found at my favorite local thrift spot, Goodwill, to make mine and found them varying in size from small to large so that I could use them stacked for cupcakes or not stacked for cakes and other such decorations. Coloration is not as important because we will be spray painting everything to make it match anyways, but if you prefer to keep the natural look of your platter/plate, then definitely find the item that fits the bill!

A Candle Stand or Holder: I used glass candle holders from Goodwill as the base for my stand. Something with a fairly large base that tapers up into, at the very least, an inch in width at the top will work best because there needs to be enough surface area to glue to the platter.  This can be made from any kind of material as well, though I would suggest that the holder and platter should be of similar strength of material to ensure you do not have any issues with stability down the road.

Spray Paint: I used (and prefer) Krylon Cover Maxx Ultimate Coverage spray paint in Gold/Metallic because I love how great the coverage is without looking too much like the item was spray painted (Note: I am not getting any money for using/mentioning their product {though it would be nice}, just a happy customer sharing a great product). It also dries very quickly and can cover any material from metal and wood to plastics and the like, so you can almost guarantee that whichever item you find, this paint will cover it! Also, any kind of sealant spray is always good to ensure the longevity of your paint job, though if you plan on putting food directly on them, I suggest finding a sealant that is toxic-free.

Hot Glue Gun: If you don’t have one of these already, you can find them at any craft store like Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, or even Wal-Mart. I like to use a hot glue gun for these products because if you accidentally glue the item in the wrong place, you can still (for the most part) remove the item and try again, as long as it’s within about 30 seconds or so. The items do stick great with this method, however, if you would prefer a more permanent option, Gorilla Glue or Super Glue would also do the job.

Measuring Tape: Believe me when I say that you will want to have this around when you’re getting ready to glue down the base on the platter.

A Marker or Dark Pencil: For marking your measurements when gluing.

Corks: I know what you’re thinking…yes it may seem odd, but it is a genius little hack to ensure that your base (especially candlestick bases) has enough service area to stick to the platter when you’re gluing them together.

A Hand Saw: For cutting the corks. I’ll show you what I mean below…

Goof Off: Or any other kind of sticker removing method you prefer. I personally love Goof Off for the simple fact that it removes everything with ease, and when those pesky thrift store stickers won’t come off, it saves you a lot of time and headache (Note: Same applies as the Spray Paint. I am not being paid to endorse this item). See the before and after below:

To start off, you’ll want to gather your supplies. Pictured above is some of the items I picked to make my cake stand; all were found at Goodwill besides the Goof Off(and who says diamonds are a girl’s best friend?). Notice that the candle holders have at least an inch width across the top where I plan to glue it to the platter. This makes it much easier on you to glue the items together without fear of them falling apart as soon as you put something on top of the stand. You’ll want to get all of the tags and stickers removed and clean everything off so you have surfaces that will stick together. This also helps with the spray painting process.

Now that the items have been cleaned and all stickers removed, we’ll move on to spray painting them! You can go with whatever color you prefer, but as soon as I saw this Gold/Metallic sprayed on the items, I absolutely fell in love with it because of the almost vintage, copper vibe that it gave the stands without looking too beat up. And because everything was painted the one color, it didn’t matter that the platter was tin and the candle holder was glass because they look the same once painted. The main reason I like making these cake stands this way is because of the mismatched bases/platters. It brings an eclectic feel to an item that would otherwise be kind of bland and overlooked. For safety purposes, I would highly suggest that you paint these items outside to avoid the fume inhalation. For the platters, paint one side, let it dry for at least two hours (I let mine dry overnight) then paint the other side and let it dry for the same amount of time. For the candle stands, just paint and let dry (I left the bottoms unpainted because you wouldn’t really see them when using the stand, but even more so because the stands were glass so you could actually see the gold through the portions that weren’t painted. Saved me paint and time!).

The problem I encountered when I was first putting this together was the candle holders had a very thin edge, and because these edges were so minimal, the stands would not stick to the platters. That is when I came up with the cork solution! By cutting a cork level with the top of the holder’s edge and then wedging it in the candle stick hole, it gave me a much larger surface area to glue, and thusly a much stronger bond between the base and the platter (and you don’t have to worry about the cork not sticking to the candle stand because they fit very tightly in the candlestick hole, just as they do in the neck of a wine bottle!). The hand saw was the easiest way for me to cut the cork evenly, however, if you find another method suits you better, feel free to give them a shot!

Now flip the platter and the base upside down with the base on top of the platter. Try to center it, then take the measuring tape and make sure that all sides measure the same around the base’s top. Once you find that sweet spot, take the marker and put four lines on each side of the base so you can place it easier once there is glue involved. Grab the base and use the hot glue gun to quickly run glue all along the edge of the holder’s top as well as over the cork and quickly turn it back upside down and place it in between your sharpie marks (did I mention quickly?). Once you can see all of your lines, press down hard for 30 seconds to a minute. They should be stuck together pretty well at this point. To test this, pick up the stand just by the base. If the platter falls off, pull the glue remnants off and try again, holding it down for a bit longer.The faster you move, the better your results since hot glue tends to dry very quickly. For my larger platter, I ended up running hot glue along the outer edge of the base against the platter like you would to seal a baseboard to the wall. This sealed it tightly to the platter. Then I painted the glue so it blended in with the rest of the stand.

If you can pick up the stand just by the platter or base alone and they don’t fall apart, then you just made your very own cake stands! Whether you use them stacked for cupcakes, or not stacked for your favorite pie, cake treat or decoration, these nifty stands can really add to any wedding or home decoration. As Marie Antoinette said, “Let them eat cake” and these stands will allow you to do so in style!

Till next time,



Always Waiting on a Wedding…


Just as the little girl dreams of the day when it will be her shining moment to be the angelic bride that floats down the aisle towards Prince Charming, so awaits the little girl, but all grown up, who waits again. What is she waiting for? It’s not Prince Charming, because he has already come along to rescue her. It’s not the engagement, because Prince Charming had already swept her off her feet the very moment he dropped to one knee. So why the growing impatience? Why is she still feeling as though time has decided to stand still at just the precise moment in her life when she yearns for it to move forward; relentlessly willing it to pass just that much faster? The thing she desires most, now more so than ever, is set almost a year out, antagonizing her with its just-out-of-reach distance. Even though her moment is nearer than she realizes, her incessant need to make forward progress has taken over her life; every moment enveloped with thoughts of anxiety for a day she fears will never come.

But the day does come, and my what an exquisite day it is. The grounds are alive with the light of a thousand white petals that scatter on the breeze, flowing around and under the seats of guests as they, too, await this one special moment. With the not-so-little girl adorned delicately in white, she must anxiously await her moment once again. But this time, the moment is a fleeting one, and before she knows it, she’s standing at the head of the aisle with the gaze of everyone she knows laid solely on her. Though this moment is one of wonder and admiration, it too, is fleeting, and over far quicker than she desired it to be. With the sun setting into a beautiful amalgamation of reds, blues, and purples behind the altar, the vows are spoken and the announcement is made. She is officially Mrs. Prince Charming. The moment she had long been waiting for has finally come and gone.

Yet even after seizing the moment she so long-awaited, we find our Mrs. Prince Charming a bit abashed. It’s over already? Just like that? In her ever persistant rush to capture her dream wedding day, she missed out on all of the moments that had granted her childhood dreams life! By always waiting on a wedding, she missed the sweet, however fleeting, moments that come with falling in love and getting married; the little junctures hidden beneath the demands of the larger milestones, that piece together the roadmap to Happily Ever After.

via Daily Prompt: Waiting